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  Wuxi Yuandong Shenghua Zhipin Factory, specialized enterprises taking biochemical products as tap . Our factory is located in the Yangshan Town of Wuxi. Easily accessible , attractive scenery with beautiful environment.
  The system of our factory is sound, the mechanism is flexible , management is strict , operate science. For many years , in line with the spirit of pioneer of making unremitting efforts to improve oneself , are developing the new products of high-quality high-efficient biochemistry constantly. At present, our factory with to base neighbor benzene two phenol (TBC ), man of uncle,, alkene high-efficient to is it gather pharmaceutical YD-100B6 main product to hinder.
  In line with based on science and technologying , quality first , uniting keeping forging ahead , realistic aim that innovates of our factory, cooperate with the masses of customers, create beautiful tomorrow!

WEBSITE WX-YUANDONG Wuxi Yuandong Shenghua Zhipin Factory Tel:0510-83956878 Fax:0510-83957003